Sunday, February 10, 2008

February 10, 2008

No new Q&A this week, but be sure to check out this week's show (episode 62), featuring an interview with Janek Schaefer. It's a face to face interview, recorded in Minneapolis, while he was here working on "Weather Report," which we debuted, on US radio, in 2003. You can also read Schaefer's Q&A HERE.

Take a look at the interviews page at the Some Assembly Required website, for links to downloads of quite a few archived episodes featuring interviews with artists such as The Bran Flakes, The Evolution Control Committee, Emergency Broadcast Network, Omer Fast, Steve Fisk, DJ Food, Jason Forrest, Christian Marclay, Negativland, Public Works and Steinski, just to name a few... not to mention links to the 80+ Q&As we've been featuring with sound collage artists over the past couple of years.

It's a smorgasboard, I realize. You don't have to try everything - just start with a couple favorites and see where you end up!

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson


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