Sunday, January 27, 2008

Episode 200, Some Assembly Required

Episode 200, Some Assembly Required

01 2 Many DJs - “Smells like booty”
02 The Avalanches - “Frontier Psychiatrist”
03 Stunt Rock – “A funny sample and a bad guitar loop do not a song make”
04 People Like Us – “Dolly Pardon”
05 Steinski and Mass Media – “Xen to one ratio”
06 The Tape-beatles – “The law of repetition”
07 The Evolution Control Committee – “Rocked By Rape”
08 DJ Abilities – “Well Being”
09 Lecture on Nothing – “Fresh makeup”
10 Negativland – “Michael Jackson”
11 Secret Mommy – “The Culture”
12 Escape Mechanism - “Today”
13 Aggro1 - “Untitled (Johnny Cash vs. Ashanti)”
14 Public Works - “Persuasion”
15 Listen With Sarah – “World Wide Hula”
16 Party Ben - “Fischervana (smells like emerge)”

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was burn all of my CDs into ITunes this weekend and I ran across a song that sounded very familiar. It is on the ON U-Sound label Pay It All Back vol.5 and the song is Laws of Repetition by Tackhead. It is very similar to the Tape-Beatles song The Law of Repetition. I was wondering if you had any insight. If I could I would upload the file for you. I just thought it was curious since the version I have is on a Reggae compilation from 1995.

5:55 PM  
Blogger Jon Nelson said...

Thanks for the comment...

I don't think I'm familiar with Tackhead, but would be curious to hear if the similarities go further than just the titles of the tracks. Might be a strange coincidence, might be more, I just don't know. Drop me a line at:
assembly (at)

thanks again for writing,

11:13 PM  

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