Saturday, August 01, 2009

Episode 41, Some Assembly Required

Episode 41, Some Assembly Required

01 (2 Many DJs) - “Smells like booty”
02 Splatt - “Dark white”
03 Steinski and Mass Media - “The motorcade sped on”
04 Corporal Blossom - “Little drummer boy”
05 Project: Data Control - “Ladies & Gentleman”
06 People Like Us - “Arkinsaw explorer”
07 Dum Dum Tv - "Couch potato resistance (Side B)"
08 Sole and JC - “What it is”
09 Negativland - “Edited special edit radio mix - I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”
10 Lecture on Nothing - “The Custom Apocalypse”
11 Ros Bobos - “Selling souls”
12 Wobbly - "Yo Yo Yo Yoyo Yo, Hey..."
13 Klarc Qent - “Stepson of word jazz”
14 (Wake Up And Listen) - “Parson’s eyes”
15 Dum Dum Tv - "Untitled (Parti-colored irregular sonic)"

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Blogger Jon Nelson said...

Okay, so this episode was produced many years ago, back when I hadn't yet learned two true identities, as represented on this show...

For the record, "Parson's Eyes" is and was by the band Wake Up And Listen - it's off of the album titled "Mustard Keanu," which is where I got the wrong name...

And once again, "Smells Like Booty" is a classic Mashup by 2 Many DJs, according to The Freelance Hellraiser, who is often credited with having created the track. He did not.

On this particular episode, I've put the artists names in parentheses to indicate that they were improperly credited on the show itself...

wow, two in one episode. How embarrassing...

thanks for listening!

4:14 PM  

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