Friday, November 16, 2007

EBN Videos

EBN Videos

My phone interview with one of the two founding members of Emergency Broadcast Network is featured in episode 193 of Some Assembly Required - check it out HERE - and since the group is of course known primarily for their video work (which I was obviously incapable of sharing via the radio show), I thought I'd use the blog this week to point to some examples of Emergency Broadcast Network's video work on the web...

I realize the links in this post may quickly become outdated, as things move around quite often online, but it should stay current at least as long as episode 193 is new, here at the SAR site - so that's worth something, hopefully.

To learn more about Emergency Broadcast Network, check out my feature on the project (including a phone interview with Gardner Post, who co-founded EBN with Joshua Pearson in 1991), then check out some of these links, to watch examples of their ground breaking video collage work:

* The SAR interview with EBN's Gardner Post (Episode 193)
Emergency Broadcast Network Videos:
* Joshua Pearson's personal website
* EBN videos at
* EBN videos at
* EBN videos at


Blogger marctronixx said...

jon, im probably the biggest fan of EBN and im so happy you took the time to speak with gardner about EBN. thank you thank you thank you!!!! i wish i could have spoken with him...

12:59 AM  

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