Sunday, September 03, 2006

Episode 110, Some Assembly Required

Episode 110, Some Assembly Required

01 Radar & Z-Trip – “Private Parts”
02 Antediluvian Rocking Horse – “The Premier Needs Protection”
03 Jason Forrest – “180 Mar Ton”
04 Jeff Sconce - “Lacan-bot”
05 Realistic – “Trademark massage”
06 Myeck Waters – “Get out of the way”
07 TiM G – “Voodoo Problems”
08 David Shea – “(untitled)”
09 Go Home Productions – “Karma in the life”
10 Lecture On Nothing – “Truckload Of Bibles”
11 Sucking Chest Wound – “Big Head”
12 Pauline Pantsdown – “I don't like it”
13 Pedro Rebelo – “...Just Cartoon Music”
14 Freddy Fresh – “The Real Pro (Nanada Music)”
15 Negativland – “Sycamore”
16 Tedshred – “We will rock U”

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Blogger Andy Macgregor said...

Hi Jon,

do you have a direct email contact for Tedshred?

I was just enjoying his we will rock you cover and wanted to speak with him.



3:00 PM  
Blogger Jon Nelson said...

Hi Andy!
You didn't give me your email address, so I'll just leave a reply here. Maybe you'll check back.

I don't have contact info for this artist (for the record, I wouldn't post it here, publicly) but might be able to answer your questions if you want to contact me directly, via email. I'm at:
assembly (at) detritus (dot) net

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson

3:44 PM  

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