Wednesday, February 15, 2006

February 15, 2006: Jabberwocky

February 15, 2006: Jabberwocky

Valentines Day is all over now and its time to move on with our regularly scheduled goal of podcasting the entire second season of Some Assembly Required, in 2006. Thanks to everyone who downloaded the Special Valentines Day Mix! There were more than twice the usual number of downloads, which was super exciting. In fact, people are still downloading it in record numbers, so I'm going to post this a bit later than forecast. Give you a few extra hours to find that Valentines Day Mix. Not that it disappears when the new podcast is uploaded - I've just noticed that once a new show is podcast, the previous ones stop getting downloaded as much. They're all still there, though - you just have to scroll down a bit to find them.

Stay tuned - I'll be uploading Episode 98 of Some Assembly Required sometime a little later today (Wednesday, 2/15). This week's episode features the track I mentioned back when we did the Osymyso feature (see blog post for 1/23/06) - the infamously edited "Pat 'n Peg." All those beeps (over eighty!) are for the FCC, mind you. And the thing is, I'm SURE I heard someone use the "B" word here on a local public radio station, recently. Beyond that, the theme of Episode 98 is TELEVISION. So, all of the tracks are somewhat about TV...

This week's featured artist is Jabberwocky. I've really only played Jabberwocky a few times, but I've dug what we have played. Jabberwocky is from South Central Virginia, where he runs an experimental art/music center called The Noisehouse/434 Noise. He's also known for his electronic trance-ambient group, Acid Roundtrip and plays in the free-form noise group The Zit Hit Machine. He is also the author of The Spontaneous Tape Series, which is a series of improvised cassette releases put out by FDH Records. Episode 98 features Jabberwocky's track, "Cosby," who is one of my favorite comedians of all time. Can't tell by listening to the track if the source choice is an homage or a critique, but these things aren't always so clear. Nor should they always be!

So, without further ado, here's the SAR Q&A with Jabberwocky...


*Name: Jabberwocky

*Are there any additional names used to describe this project: No

*Members: Just me, but I have collaborated with different artists in different projects.

*Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions or turntable creations: Tape manipulations at the beginning when I was using cassette as my expressive medium but now I guess I'd consider it digital deconstruction. But now I feel that I've moved on from that with my new CD "Eat S*** & Die" which is an audio collage concept album.

*Is there a story behind your name? I was stoned and was watching a crap movie called After Alice that had a serial killer character named Jabberwocky and I thought it fit good with what I was wanting to create.

*Location: I live in a very small town called Charlotte Court House, in south central Virginia. I also run a small experimental/outsider arts venue down here called The Noisehouse/434 Noise.

*Original Location: I'm originally from Stafford (next to Quantico/Manasass) which is in Northern Virginia.

*What is your creative/artistic background: I used to write short stories as a kid. I started writing poetry/songs when I was 15 (1990) but have had writers block for at least 7 years now.

*History: I started an ambient project back in 1996 called Acid Roundtrip and have put out 2 releases. I've been active with Jabberwocky since 2002 and have put out 6 releases. I have a free form/improv experimental project that I do with Lee Mattox called The Zit Hit Machine. We also use the revolving door method with that because it gives us the freedom to work with alot of different people and constantly changes and constantly evolves.

*Born: February 27, 1975

*Motivations: Cause it's fun. I live for making music.

*Philosophy: Always give 110 % and put your heart, soul and emotion into making music/art. Be true to yourself and f*** the naysayers who doubt you.

*How would you like to be remembered: That what I've done was different and that I was proof of how far anybody can take DIY with the various things that I do. Sorry if it seems like an ego trip.

*Web address:


Thanks to Jabberwocky for being the featured artist this week! He's just one of 11 artists featured this week on the Some Assembly Required podcast. Stay tuned for Episode 98 to be uploaded very shortly...

Thanks again to everyone who downloaded the SAR Valentines Day Mix. It took my mind off of the holiday! Hope you enjoyed it and are back for more. Be sure to check out our new page at Myspace, by the way. Apparently anyone who is anyone has a page at Myspace now, and I was convinced to become one with the crowd. Join me, won't you? I'm trying to make friends - just go to the SAR myspace page and click "add to friends," up on the left, and I'll get an email saying you want to be my friend. How friendly of you! Looking forward to hearing from you...

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson


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