Monday, February 27, 2006

Episode 96, Some Assembly Required

Episode 96, Some Assembly Required

01 Akufen – “Wet Floors”
02 DJ Riko – “Whistler's Delight (Full Version)”
03 DJ Babu – “Suckas (Sucka DJ Dis)”
04 John Oswald – “Anon“
05 Myeck Waters - “I love white things”
06 Fat Cougars – “Little ditty about superbike”
07 Jim Allenspach – “People like um”
08 People Like Us – “More Plunderblunders”
09 Eric Vessels – “Limbaugher”
10 Party Ben – “Fischervana (smells like emerge)”
11 Emergency Broadcast Network – “You Have 5 Seconds To Complete This Section”
12 Evolution Control Committee – “Nasha”
13 DJ Shadow – “You Can't Go Home Again”

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Blogger qualler said...

Hey Jon, I've started listening to your show a lot more now with the Podcast and am totally digging it! When are you gonna put up the episode with the Cosby Cake thing and the OJ Simpson thing?

10:56 PM  
Blogger Jon Nelson said...

Awesome! thanks for listening - you're talking about Lenlow – “Chocolate Cake Revisited” and
The Button – “Pour orange juice”
which were aired on Radio K last Saturday. That was episode 136, so it will be over a year before that gets Podcast. I'm working my way back through the second year of syndicated episodes at the moment. So, sometime in early 2007, when the whole 2nd year is online, I'll probably start working my way forwards through the third year. Either that or jump straight to wherever we are in the current schedule. Haven't decided yet. Glad to hear you're enjoying the show, though - thanks for writing!
Jon Nelson

11:21 PM  

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