Radio Tribute to Doctor Johnny Fever, at WKRP

What if you took EVERY DJ break Howard Hesseman ever made, as Dr. Johnny Fever
(WKRP in Cincinnati), and just ...followed his lead?

Would it be possible to construct a three hour radio show, with Fever as host?

It was, in fact, and it sounded great. Perhaps because most of the musical choices were made by The Doctor, himself... and he'll be announcing everything himself, as well, as he slogs his way through a triple shift, on a Cincinnati snow day.

Title: "WKRP (Johnny Fever Mix)"

The music is era appropriate (nothing after 1982), and almost every song here was actually played ON the program... They actually played Captain Beefheart, on WKRP? Yes! And Prince? No! Tune in to see if you can tell which tracks I've twisted The Doctor into playing for you.

Orig. stream archived, from February, 2022:

Produced by Jon Nelson