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For Current Playlists, consult the SAR Blog:

Prior to 2007, there were separate schedules for the podcast episodes and those which aired on radio stations across the US and Canada. Since the program now has just one schedule, and since the playlists for each episode are included as part of each week's podcast post at the blog, I've decided to discontinue updating the playlists page every week.

A general rule of thumb: If you heard the program on the air, and you want to check the playlist for that episode, then check the podcast playlist for the weekend previous to the day you heard it on the air... Most syndicating stations now use the podcast as their means of distribution and since the podcast is available by the beginning of each week, stations start to air that episode later that same week.

Most of the syndicating stations are on this schedule, but not all. Sorry it's not more orderly, but it would be unreasonable to expect dozens of stations to be on exactly the same schedule. Some are far behind, and choose to keep playing the shows in order, while some play the show two or three times a week, so it's really next to impossible to say when a specific episode will air on any specific station.

MOST stations though, are following the main schedule, so like it says above, if you're curious about the playlist of an episode you heard on the radio, just check the previous weekend's BLOG post.

Also, there is a growing list of episodes available to download HERE. There you will find the episode # and playlist info for each episode, along with links to the respective programs online. Check it out HERE.

Thanks for listening!

Jon Nelson