Here's what some listeners have had to say about Some Assembly Required:

"...Radio K's most innovative program..."
- City Pages (August, 2003)

I owe a debt of gratitude to Jon Nelson for sharing, cultivating, supporting and moreover caring about music and artists... It was always a thrill to see something that I created played on his unique radio show, one of very few shows that would continue to give me a sense of heightened excitement that could only be compared to the first time I heard myself on radio. Through Some Assembly Required I was turned on to countless artists and became friends with quite a few. All because of Jon being on this planet...
- Otis Fodder (The Bran Flakes, 2010)

Discovering Some Assembly Required was one of those "sun breaking through the clouds" moments for me. Jon's work introduces listeners to an infinite new world of possibilities in music and sound collage. The show is fun, challenging, educational and inspiring - all because Jon really knows and loves the art. I'll be wandering off into the Multiverse of old episodes for years to come.
- Kevin Allison (The State, Risk!, 2010)

Jon's show has always been an invaluable resource, particularly the interviews. There is almost no major figure in sonic collage that he hasn't managed to have a few words with, on the online blog or over the course of an hour long special, and I keep going back to his archives. And beyond the pure research standpoint, his shows have always hit the most listenable and fun aspects of this entire genre...
- Jon Leidecker (Wobbly, 2010)

Some Assembly Required was such an anomaly in radio, a series that documented a sound as it developed and flourished. Jon's vision helped expose whole new generations of musicians and fans to the works that came before while giving them a forum for their own work. It's "American Roots" for the Sampler Generation...
- Chris Strouth (Future Perfect, 2010)

I first encountered Jon and SAR after he got in touch upon hearing my first version of Raiding the 20th Century. He'd interviewed Steinski for his show and the interview featured some fascinating footage which he kindly sent me for an updated version the next year. I'm sad to hear that the show is being retired but wish Jon all the best for his future endeavors. Who will step up to take his place? To the best of my knowledge no one is devoting their whole shows to this kind of music. Like the artists he featured Jon will always be a pioneer in this respect...
- Strictly Kev (DJ Food, 2010)

Jon was a kindred spirit in a love for electronic music and some of its roots, only he took his love further and in more creative ways than I could ever have dreamed. I credit Jon for turning me on to so many artists, and types of creation I didn't even have names for. From turntablism, to audio collage, to recycling, to sound art - it all was welcome on his program... You didn't need to be a member of Mensa, or a modern-art enthusiast, to enjoy the re-purposed sounds on "Some Assembly Required". Thanks, Jon, for being a gathering place for these recordings!
- Pam Hill (KFAI, 2010)

Back in the early years of Radio K I met this kid, Jon Nelson. A lot of us knew about a lot of strange music but somehow Jon had everyone at the station beat in his own way. As far as I was concerned I was on the same page as Jon about this type of stuff. But I had only gotten as far as Stockhausen and Negativland. It turned out there were countless dozens of other freaks doing it and Jon brought it to his show, turning myself and the rest of the Twin Cities onto even more weirdness. Thinking of sound as music and sampling as layers to the overall end piece is pretty abstract stuff... Every week on the airwaves Jon would wreak havoc in this regard. Taking risks most DJ's wouldn't even think of doing and are probably best advised to not.

Eventually Jon asked me to "Guest DJ" with him on his show... We had about 4 turntables, 6 CD and Mini Disc players all playing different stuff. Funk records, dub, spoken word, sound effect records and I believe a couple CD's Jon had cooked in the microwave before we signed on the air. We sampled the radio in the hallway that was on a delay that went back out again making invisible loops out of the ionosphere... It's that type of fervor and passion for sound that has made Some Assembly Required remarkable radio all this time later.

- Danny Sigelman (The Current, KUOM, 2010)

Jon Nelson's impact on the mashup, collage and experimental music community reaches far beyond its home in Minnesota. Some Assembly Required has played a key role in the expansion and flourishing of numerous forms of sound art and electronic music over its run. From basement mixes by unheralded musicians to international icons of the genre, the consistent quality and level of talent featured on the program was unmatched.

I want to personally thank Jon for his hard work and prolific contributions to the art and music community in the Upper Midwest and beyond and for being one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure to work with...

- Scott Stulen (Director, Philbrook Museum of Art, 2010)

I have loved your shows over the last 8 or so years that I've been listening. I've had a number of girlfriends, addresses, ipods and jobs and through them all you've been there to remind me that there are some amazingly creative people around the world who I would never have heard of without your show. You've illuminated as much as you have entertained, esp. with your interviews...

All the best and thanks for the happy times,

- Franco (London, 2011)

Just read your announcement and I have to say I'm quite gutted. Some Assembly Required is a very special show and has informed me of so many fantastic artists I would never otherwise have known about. Thanks for the millions of hours of work you've put in, it's been greatly appreciated. It's amazing what you've achieved, I can understand why you'd need a break.

Wishing you all the best in the future and I hope to see the odd S.A.R. special pop up in a year or so (please!)

- Mark (Osymyso, 2010)

Just wanted to be one (of many, I'm sure) to let you know that I've been listening since about 2000 on Radio K and now on podcast and I'm sad to see it end. Congratulations on a good long run and thanks for the hard work, SAR introduced me to a whole new musical world also alienated me from people while cranked on my radio. I did convert a few to the show, though. Anyway, good luck on your next adventure and it would be great to hear the show again someday.
- Christian (Burnsville, MN)

...Thanks for the show, it's been an institution all these years.

- Tom (Wax Audio)

Sorry to hear about your ceasing production on Some Assembly Required. Was honestly proud to be one of the stations carrying such a unique broadcasting endeavor from near its start. We'll miss it. Please keep me informed on any future sound projects you may be involved with. Would be thrilled to hear them and would appreciate any reference you give other artists out there regarding what we do here.
thanks & keep in touch,

- Cecil Doyle (KRVS)

Thank you ten thousand percent for all your efforts. The world is a better and stranger place for it.
- Ros Bobos (2011)

Just want to say thanks for the tireless hours you put into Some Assembly Required. Over the years, CHMA has been proud to air your program and it is with sadness that we retire your well used time slot. We sincerely wish you well with your next endeavour. Keep us in the loop with Some Assembly Requires updates or any other projects you think we may be interested in.
Stay warm.

- Sandy (CHMA)

Some Assembly Required is both legendary and inspirational. You could also take pride in the fact that you've highlighted so many great, otherwise obscure artists. There are a lot of collage and mashup people I wouldn't know about if not for SAR.

Hats off to you, sir!

- Rich (December, 2010)

Oh I am very sorry to hear that. I love your show! I can understand perfectly though why you might want to put it to bed or take a rest... I would love some recommendations for re-runs. We will play it as long as possible... Thanks again for all your hard work on this over the years. It was a truly great show.
- Deborah (CFBU)

...Sorry to see SAR go away but man what a great run you've had! I'm sure you're sick of it and could use a break though... it's well-deserved.
- Mark Gunderson (The ECC)

I still plan to run the show on Saturday evenings as I've done since the station went on the air. Thanks for allowing stations to continue to run the program... there's simply nothing like Some Assembly Required out there on the radio, or on the internet.

Thanks again,

- Jake (Geneva Community Radio)

You may never know how many people you have delighted and/or influenced! Thanks so much for all your efforts.
- Tim Maloney (December, 2010)

...It's been a pleasure airing some assembly required, we intend to keep airing the older shows for the forseeable future!


- Jared (CJUM)

I am saddened by the news about the end of SAR in January. A dozen years ago, I was a middle-aged man pissing and moaning about the inability I was encountering at various local record stores (remember them?) to find any music that I enjoyed. I stumbled across a Negativland CD in a local used CD store and that began my journey down the sound collage rabbit-hole.

I don't exactly remember how I first found out about your show. I do know that the playlist looked exactly like my CD collection... You made an old guy very happy to find there were other people with the same musical tastes as myself... Thank you for all the new music you exposed me to on your show: Escape Mechanism, The Bran Flakes, ECC, John Oswald, and dozens of others. My only worry is how will I complete my collection of shows once you are gone? Best of luck to you in your future endeavors.

- Richard Reese (December, 2010)

Sad to hear that you are retiring the show. I love SAR, I really do. I use it in my Radio Broadcasting classes in High School to show the kids the world of possibilities. We'll probably run old shows for a while. It is timeless.

Thanks for everything. You are the longest running show in our history.

- Dennis Drew (WRFA)

Greetings and salutations... Just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in compiling such a treasure trove of audio collages and experiments from so many artists. I grew up around radio and TV stations but only began to experiment with the techniques myself a couple of years ago, mostly digital deconstructions including a bit of faux-turntabling via digital pitch/speed shifting and reverse audio. I'm inspired to hear what others are doing with re-appropriated materials. It's far beyond the cut-ups and exquisite corpse techniques we learned about and tried in communications classes and theatre exercises years ago.
- GF (January, 2011)

We'll certainly be airing the show for the rest of our broadcasting season. I'd like to say thanks for supplying such a quality syndicated show for so long. It's hard to find good syndicated shows...
Be well and thank you very much again,

- Matthew (CAPR)

Sad to hear about the ending of the program, but it's been an awesome 12 years. Best of luck to you in future endeavors.
- Jim Allenspach (December, 2010)

I really wanted you to know how important SAR has been to, well, a ton of us... You've done us all a great service,

- Todd (Ellipse Elkshow)

I'm catching up on my podcasts (yes I am way behind!) and noted that you have retired from Some Assembly Required. Needless to say I will miss the show! And I am glad, nay grateful, that you will keep episodes online (I've been sending my electronic music students to the site when we cover appropriation, sampling, and plunderphonics) - congratulations!

- Christopher DeLaurenti (2011)

Thanks for all the great shows Jon. I've really enjoyed them all, even though I haven't been all that vocal about it. Just know that all the while I wouldn't shut up about it to all of my friends.

- Nate Kochie (January, 2011)

Hi Jon, thanks for a great run of your radio show! You brought a lot of people together and made the world a better place to listen to.
- Greg Carr (Technological Retreat)

The show is amazing! In this age of pre-packaged music and corporate radio stations, your show is a statement -- and not only because of some of the artists you play. Not every piece gels for me, but I wouldn't have it any other way. How else would I get to discover some of the amazing stuff being done by avant garde artists? Keep it going -- it's amazing stuff. I mean it!
- Alfredo Lorente (August, 2008)

Simply put, I love your show. I'm from Adelaide, Australia and only just found your show a few days ago. Thank you.
- Harrison Hollingsworth (March, 2010)

I am a huge fan of SAR and LOVE - it's a big word but appropriate - everything you have done to promote 'our' favorite types of music... I cannot thank you enough for helping so many people open their minds - by using their ears - for so many years.
- Steve Jasinski (December, 2009)

I just wanted to say, You guys make me think! Love the show. Wouldn't miss a beat. I subscribe at iTunes too! Thanks
- Jeff "The MagnetDude" Gauss (August, 2008)

I've been a loyal fan of your show ever since the beginning... I'm not normally one to phone in, even though I do listen to your show almost every week, but wanted to let you know that I think it's great! The genre is a great art form whose time has come, and I appreciate that you're promoting it.
- Roy Dika (December, 2005)

Some Assembly Required is a wide spot in the life-giving fracture that Radio K makes in the suffocating synergistic shell of the cross-promoting military-industrial-entertainment apparatus. Especially valuable in that it directly demonstrates how wit, craft and art can cause individual expression to spring from the skull of a homogenized commoditized culture. Thank You,
- Eric Gilbertson (August, 2008)

Love the show. Very happy to subscribe via iTunes. Your programming craziness eases/randomizes/activates my workspace (different actions result from your very different selections episode to episode). Thanks and keep up the great work!
- Michael (August, 2008)

I'm a big fan of you and your show - probably have been listening regularly for around seven years or so - much more now that the podcast is available...

My 'entry point into the show' was one afternoon when you played ECC's 'Rocked By Rape' on Radio K - I had to call you up to get the info from you. I've been listening and following the genre ever since. I check your website frequently, finding artists, checking their sites and often download their free stuff, or order CD's from them when I find them really exceptional. My favorite appropriation based artists are: The Bran Flakes, People Like Us, Evolution Control Committee, RIAA, Rx Music, Ergo Phizmiz, Go Home Productions, DJ Shadow, Fatboy Slim, Cut Chemist, Messer Chups, Stark Effect, etc. etc.

Keep up the great work - I look forward to the show always - and never miss it now. Best Regards,

- Phil (August, 2008)

...Thank you for a thought-provoking show that I very much enjoy...
- Liz Pemberton (January, 2006)

As a longtime fan of appropriation arts I was so excited to stumble upon your excellent podcast through itunes... keep up the excellent work. Also, thanks so much for all the other great resources at
- Trip Mitchell (January, 2006)

Thought I'd let you know how much I like Some Assembly Required. Don't have time to listen to all of them, but I catch enough to get thoroughly immersed... Keep mixing it up.
- Jay (August, 2008)

I am enjoying your show... I heard about your program through Rumori. I listen online. Keep up the good work!
- Bob (March, 2006)

Yeah! I've been a longtime fan of Some Assembly Required, as they've been on our local low watt college station (Radio K) for years. It is wonderful to have the ability to listen to it on MY schedule now. I credit this show for turning me onto many excellent artists over the years, including the likes of: The Bran Flakes, People Like Us, Negativland, Evolution Control Committee, and since last week RX Music. All Way Cool in my book.
- Phil R (February, 2006)

Brilliant... Was impressed off the bat... but the section just past 16:45 in episode 101 was simply a notch up, creatively. Looking forward to listening to future episodes. Awesome!
- PorradaVFR (January, 2006)

I'm not able to listen to your show live, but I love the show as a podcast and it's truly awesome. Keep it up!
- Nicholas (August, 2008)

It has to have been years since I last sent you appreciation, and that is way overdue. THANK YOU! Thanks for all you have done and continue to do, Jon. I wish you all the best always.
- katya oddio (November, 2007)

This show is unique and great fun and enlightening and thank you and please carry-on. I'll be listening (and yes, I donate to my local station, gods bless 'em).
- Sean Landry (November, 2007)

Aural Art! Some Assembly Required may be the first musical art museum. Every week he curates a new selection of audio art -- some pop, some abstract, but all interesting and unique. Listen with an open mind and you'll find your understanding of music challenged and expanded.
- AlfredoLorente (June, 2009)

I'm a big fan of your show... truly the purist form of underground forefront in music can't get enough... Many Many thanks for keeping the program going for so long.
- Duluthmuffler (September, 2007)

I'm becoming a big fan of your show. It's not broadcast in my area, but I've been downloading the podcasts and listening ever since I discovered your show about 3 months ago. My favorite thing about "Some Assembly Required" is the wide variety in the playlist. It's much more than another mash-up show. Keep up the good work.
- David Morneau (December, 2006)

I sure do appreciate all of your hard work and research and the peeps you interview and I stay, as always, impressed.
- Dan Prowse (January, 2007)

Hello, I am listening to show #150 in New Orleans, Louisiana. ...Keep up the good work, I truly enjoy the show.
- Andy Johnson (December, 2006)

Thanks for your radio show, I really enjoy it! Keep up the good work!
- DeeAnn (December, 2006)

Keep putting on a good show, I'll keep listening!
- TB (August, 2004)

The Greatest Show I've Ever Heard. Period.

Downloaded a mess of shows that help me thru my day! (listen to your show quite a bit at work), Thank You! ...(You) guys are the Les Paul of collage, and deconstruction.

- Garrett Chaney (August, 2007)

As always, love the show. Great job.
- Dave Anton (April, 2004)

Jon... fantastic show... I just recently discovered the podcast and have been catching up on previous episodes... Keep on mixing it up.
- Barry M (December, 2006)

Keep up the good work ;-)

- Ian S (November, 2006)

I can still distinctly remember being in a bad mood one Saturday, turning on the radio to hear "smells like booty" and my day instantly got better. From that moment on, I've been in love with Some Assembly Required.
- Paul (October, 2006)

I'm a (newish) regular listener to your podcast from Australia, and after many years of listening to this style of music, you have prompted me to create. I hope you don't mind - and I don't expect you to play it on your show (my skills are not great, yet ;), but I thought I would let you know that I have created a song called 'Jon Nelson Made Me Do It'. ...Cheers, thanks for the show, keep up the good work.
- Datakid Musicman (October, 2006)

Just listening to (episode) #107 and I'm really impressed - classics like Negativland and DJ BMC with tracks like Jeff Sconce I've not heard. Really like what I'm hearing - always looking for podcasts that cover the more art cutup side of mashups and appropriation, in the ilk of Do or DIY et al...

Anyway good to hear your show, I wish I'd heard about it earlier in the year...

- Tim from Radio Clash (October, 2006)

Thanks a lot. I love your show SO MUCH!
- Sheila (August, 2006)

Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this week's show. Can't say what in particular, but I liked it. Anyway, keep it up. And thanks!
- Alan (August, 2006)

Can't tell you how much I enjoy the show/blog. Between the artists, info and links, you have supplied me with many an inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work ;-)
- Loopy C (August, 2006)

Hey Jon, Mark Power here in the far east of North America.. St. John's Newfoundland Canada.. Just caught your show for like .. dunno.. third time? Couple times in the car, and tonight finally an entire episode on good ole CHMR 93.5 FM.. They kindly air your show on Thursday nights and I can get in online while I work on assignments. I'm studying to be a primary elementary school teacher, and my attention span is about the same as the kids I will soon be teaching.. Anyway.. great show dude. Thanks for helping me blow my own mind in a safe and constructive manner. I really enjoyed tonight's show that involved the artist formerly known as Donna Summer. ...I will continue to seek out your voice. Peace.. and thanks again.
- Mpme (July, 2006)

I recently discovered "Some Assembly Required" while digging through WCSB's show calendar. Unfortunately, I'm too far from Cleveland to pick up the live syndication, so I'm now subscribed to the podcast. As an audio collage artist myself, my inspiration level has gone through the roof, and new concoctions are constantly being thrown together. ...Thanks for a wonderful show and I will keep tuned in... well... digitally, anyway.
- Maynard Brainard (July, 2006)

Hi Jon, I just finished listening to another of your SAR podcasts... I've been a big fan of this type of music ever since I first heard Negativland and John Oswald. Thanks for the show, I really appreciate and enjoy it. I am in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Cheers
- L. (June, 2006)

Hey, I just subscribed to the podcast and am lovin what you guys are doin. ...I found your podcast through the itunes music store podcast directory and subscribed, and then it updates whenever. So far I've really enjoyed your podcasts, I'm a big fan of Qbert and am glad you're playing him.

...I have only recently gotten into this indie hip-hop and DJ genre and I think its amazing. A year ago I hated hip-hop because all I really heard was the mainstream crap they pass off as hip-hop these days. ...Anyway, I'll try and figure out if I can hear your show on a regular basis through some online streaming of one of your radio stations.

- Gordo (January, 2006)

The songs are so original so fresh...not like that commercial crap that is played... thanks and keep up the good work
- Dan P (September, 2004)

Your show is the coolest. Hands down.

- dMw (January, 2004)

Just wanted to say how much I like your show. I find myself actually looking forward to it.

Radio has never had that effect on me.

- Matt Cisler (June, 2001)

Wow, this show kicks ass. I knew the "music" that I made had to be getting play somewhere -- way cool and thanks.
- Sillydog (June, 2001)

Just heard the show for the first time a couple Saturdays ago & it made me head out to Radio Shack for an AM antenna so I can listen at home. Great stuff. Great to hear some really original sound on the radio.
- Chris Eliot (June, 2001)

Thanks again for the time you take to challenge a potentially sedate and comfortable listening audience.
- Jjb (June, 2001)

You asked us to call in and tell you what we thought of the show. I was at work and couldn't.

I LOVE it! If I knew how, that's the kind of sound I'd try to make. anyway, great show.

- Paul (June, 2001)

I've been fortunate enough to hear some of your shows--I've probably heard about 4 of them so far (that's not enough), and I am deeply intrigued with the music that you play. For quite a while now I've been on a search for new music, music that's different and interesting, music that isn't the same old garbage that pollutes the world with pop culture, and your show does a lot to help me expand my horizons.

So, thank you so much for what you are doing for Minnesota and the world!

- Joshua Wallace (February, 2002)

As a longtime fan of Negativland, Der Plan, The Residents, Brian Eno, Silica-Gel, and other staples of your show, I'm lighting an assemblage of assorted found candles to saints picked at random from Butler's "Lives of The Saints", asking that you may have long life, protection from prosecution, and ever increasing creative force.


- Ethereal P.R. (April, 2002)

Wow, I should listen to the radio on weekends more often! I caught a little bit of your show today and I loved it!

- Lee Barnett Sun (May, 2002)

Thanks for an excellent show...I make sure to listen every week!
- Bob Lillevold (January, 2003)

Excellent show.
- Mark Witte (January, 2003)

Your show is fast becoming a must for me on the weekends.
Radio that is interesting and fresh.
Between S.A.R. and Out of Step, I am a happy listener on Saturdays.
Many Thanks.

- J (June, 2003)

This show is fu**ing amazing.....being able to cruze through town bumping this station gives me another perspective on the world around me as i live it...i cant get enough of this show, keep the insanity/sanity coming... respect,
- Nigel (April, 2005)

Thanks Jon. On Tuesday, we aired episode #79, which had everyone just cracking up in the station. WCKS loves your show :)
- Trazy (September, 2005)

...I have really enjoyed seeing the overall quality and musical selections...improve more and more with each subsequent (episode), quite impressive because the level of quality was already quite high!
- Jeremy Smith (June, 2005)

The show has a sizeable (group of) people that really like the show in the community. We really do appreciate receiving it. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
- Emily Shepard (WECI, 2005)

Hi, I am the GM for and we luv the show and concept. Not since my 2oth Century Music class have I ever been... you get the picture...
- Dan Prowse Jr. (April, 2005)

Big Assembly fan from Cleveland here! I usually catch your show on WCSB on my way to work every Thursday. Great stuff. ...Keep up the good work!
- Jim McIntire (2005)

The xmas show was awesome dude... Thanks!
- Ace (December, 2005)

I managed to catch last saturday's Some Assembly Required show on The Mighty Radio K while waiting for my girlfriend to get done with work, and I must say, it's been some time since I have been so entertained! I love listening to Some Assembly Required, Off The Record and Cosmic Slop.
- Nicholas S. Folsom (December, 2003)