Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

Four of the artists in this week's focus on Minnesota based artists (Episode 26, with special guest, Chris Strouth) have previously responded to the SAR Q&A. You can read over 150 of these online artist features at the Some Assembly Required website HERE. Check out these four to start...

SAR Q&A with Escape Mechanism

SAR Q&A with Orchid Spangiafora

SAR Q&A with Splatt

SAR Q&A with Think Tank

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson

Episode 26, Some Assembly Required

Episode 26, Some Assembly Required
(2002's Minnesota theme, with Chris Strouth)

01 Splatt - “The Usual”
02 Sarah Jane Smith - “Did not come back”
03 DJ Abilities - “Well being”
04 John Richey - “11 Studies in noise and dialectic (segment)”
05 Ts & Filmore Diggz - “Sex and violins”
06 Escape Mechanism - “Culture”
07 Dada Legion - “The New #2”
08 King Paisley and the Psycho-del-ics - "(Untitled)"
09 Mindphaseone - “Ticki ticki”
10 Orchid Spangiafora - “Trapped heir suite (Part one)”
11 Think Tank - “A Knife & a fork”

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

11th Anniversary


Our tenth anniversary was one year ago Wednesday (1/27), and as the call for submissions for the 50/50 Compilation was made to commemorate that event last year, it seems like this might be the best time to make an announcement about the upcoming release!

If all goes according to plan, we'll be releasing a limited edition CD within the next month or two, and I have to say it's definitely been worth the wait. Large segments of this fifty track compilation have been stuck in my head for quite a few weeks now, and that's not something I've always been able to say - not even about some of my very favorite sound collages...

We'll have the full details, including artwork and a list of contributing artists in the next week or so. Until then...

Thanks for 11 great years!
Jon Nelson

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010

Eight of the artists in this week's program (Episode 248) have previously responded to the SAR Q&A. You can read over 150 of these online artist features at the Some Assembly Required website HERE. Check out these eight to start...

SAR Q&A with The Bran Flakes

SAR Q&A with Go Home Productions

SAR Q&A with The Kleptones

SAR Q&A with Lecture On Nothing

SAR Q&A with Osymyso

SAR Q&A with Stock, Hausen & Walkman

SAR Q&A with DJ T-Rock

SAR Q&A with Twink

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson

Episode 248, Some Assembly Required

Episode 248, Some Assembly Required

01 The Found Sound Orchestra – “Little La La”
02 Stock, Hausen & Walkman – “Vinyl retentive”
03 The Bran Flakes – “Feelings”
04 The Kleptones – “1800 War Of Confusion”
05 Pop Will Eat Itself – “There Is No Love Between Us Anymore”
06 Twink – “Hammer”
07 Phil Milstein – “Louie”
08 The Kleptones – “Bo”
09 DJ T-Rock – “Out of Control”
10 Osymyso – “The Return Of An Old Friend”
11 Contemporary Casuals – “This Is All Wrong”
12 Lecture On Nothing – “It Means Nothing To You”
13 Go Home Productions – “Work It Out With A Foxy Lady”
14 Emergency Broadcast Network – “Electronic Behavior Control System”
15 DJ Shadow – “Mutual Slump”

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two to check out...

Two to check out...

It's been a good month for those of us interested in the history of appropriation in sound collage and music. There are at least two new programs worth checking out...

First of all, Jon Leidecker's series on the history of sampling in music and audio art ("Variations") has recently progressed to chapter four, as of about a week or two ago. I've really been enjoying this extremely insightful and in-depth look into the world of sound collage. The first three installments of "Variations" covered everything from the very early 1900s all the way through to the 1970s, and episode four picks up from there, moving into more and more familiar territory, as it continues.

There are at least three more episodes planned for the series as well, making this one of the most detailed histories of the genre/movement, to date. I've been collecting and researching this kind of music for well over a decade myself, and its remarkable how much more I've learned, in the past few months, just by listening to the first four episodes of this series. It's definitely worth checking out. You can check out episodes 1-4 of "Variations" HERE, and stay tuned in the coming months for new installments, as well...

I've also just learned that the new documentary, "Copyright Criminals" will be airing on Public Television at various times this month. The program, which also offers a history of sampling, especially focused on the genre of hip hop, had its broadcast premier on PBS yesterday (January 19), with additional airings and rebroadcasts to come, throughout the next week or so, at least. Check out the Copyright Criminals website for more information... I'm hoping to catch it here in Minnesota, this week!

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

January 16, 2010

Our 11th Anniversary is fast approaching, and with it will come some big news, so be sure to tune in next week...

THIS WEEK seemed like as good a time as any to upload 2003's special anniversary episode, celebrating our... 4th Anniversary? Yes, for some reason there was some attention being paid to this seemingly un-noteworthy anniversary (check out the 2003 Arts feature in the Minneapolis Star Tribune HERE). My guess is that perhaps we just weren't sure we'd make it to the much more interesting 5th Birthday, the very next year...

I honestly don't remember the reasoning at the time, but nevertheless, here it is, the amazing 4th Anniversary Special episode of Some Assembly Required (episode 44)... as it aired about seven years ago, next week...

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson

Episode 44, Some Assembly Required

Episode 44, Some Assembly Required
(2003's 4th Anniversary Episode)

01 The Button - “Intro”
02 The Button - “The Subconscious mind”
03 Steinski - “The Motorcade sped on”
04 Evolution Control Committee - “I Don’t care”
05 The Tape-beatles - “Reality of matter”
06 Steev Hise - “Stuck together, falling apart”
07 Splatt - “I was standing in my kitchen”
08 Cast of Thousands with Escape Mechanism - "Untitled (recorded live, 11/99)"
09 Martian Gin Honky - “Death in his own mind”
10 People Like Us/Wobbly/Matmos - “Dolly Pardon”
11 Laso Halo - “These high-frequency signals are then beamed out...”
12 Silica-Gel - “Pssst”
13 Monster - "(unknown)"
14 DJ Shadow - “Midnight in a perfect world”

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Saturday, January 09, 2010



Ethan Ward has been making music for over 8 years, beginning in his pre-teens, and producing his own blend of mashup/glitch pop, as E-603, since about 2003. He lists turntablists A-Trak and Diplo as influences, along with Beck and, of course, Girl Talk, among many others.

While studying at Hampshire College, in Massachusets, he performed a lot at different schools around the area, and has played shows with artists such as The Hood Internet, Passion Pit and Yo La Tengo. There are currently two releases available, 2008's "Something For Everyone" and "Torn Up", which was released in 2009.

Without further ado, here's the SAR Q&A with E-603...

*Name: E-603

*Are there any additional names used to describe this project: No, E-603 is perfect. Pronounced (EE-Six-Oh-Three)

*Members: Only one, myself, Ethan Ward.

*Founding Members: Ethan Ward

*Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions or turntable creations: Digital Deconstructions for sure. I work entirely in a digital format. I feel like what I do is deconstruct popular audio and then reconstruct some new art out of it.

*Another genre descriptor: Not at all. I don't think what I am doing is in any way plundering (re: John Oswald’s “Plunderphonics”). Or at least no more plundering than what the average computer-savvy high school student does on a Thursday night. So with that in mind I don't really think I need to think of a clever name.

*Is there a story behind your name? Well, I was in a pinch one night in 2003 and I needed to think of something cryptic yet meaningful. So with about 28 seconds of thought I came up with E-603. The E stands for my first name Ethan. 603 is the area code for the entire state of New Hampshire so therefor the "603" stands in "E-603" as an expression of "Live Free or Die".

*Location: I am from Nashua, New Hampshire. The idea of E-603 currently resides there and in Boston, Massachusetts as well.

*Original Location: Nashua, New Hampshire

*What is your creative/artistic background: I have always been making music. I began recording and producing my music when I was 12 years old. I have been educated in classical and experimental music composition. I don't really have a background in one specific place, I have kind of been all over the place, and I will most likely continue to be.

*History: E-603 as an idea began in 2003, however no music was released until about 2005.

*Born: I was born June 14th, 1989.

*Motivations: Making rad sounds motivates me.

*Philosophy: I love creating a cross cultural musical format. There is very little types of music that actually take separate types of music and force them to work together rather than only taking the inspiration from different types of music. That, to me, is a very beautiful thing. I love manipulating the sounds to work just the way I want them to.

*How would you like to be remembered: As the reincarnation of GG Allin.

*Web address:
For my website:
For my most recent album:

Episode 247, Some Assembly Required

Episode 247, Some Assembly Required

01 Mad Mix Mustang – “I Got More Than A Feeling (Long Version)”
02 J.O. Mallander – “In Reality”
03 Mixmaster Mike – “Jack Knyfe”
04 Gel-Sol – “Gel-Sol's Adventures Beyond the Plunderworld (segment)"
06 Jimmi Jammes – “War Cowboys”
05 Gel-Sol – “Gel-Sol's Adventures Beyond the Plunderworld (segment)"
07 DJ Earworm – “United State of Pop 2008 (Viva La Pop)”
08 Wobbly – “Made Happy”
09 Jeffrey Sconce – “Brandenburg Meth Swan”
10 Richard Trythall – “Ommagio A Jerry Lee Lewis”
11 E-603 - “Push 'Em Up”

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Sunday, January 03, 2010

SAR Q&A: 2006-2009

The following 150+ SAR Q&A's represent the artist features uploaded from 2006-2009, in alphabetical order...

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson

A plus D


Jim Allenspach

Ruth Anderson

The Angel

Animals Within Animals

Antediluvian Rocking Horse





The Beige Channel

Big City Orchestra

Ros Bobos

The Bran Flakes

Wayne Butane


The Button

Cagey House

DJ Cal

Greg Carr


Cast of Thousands

The Coherent Encoherence




Corporal Blossom

Daniel Steven Crafts

the Cranial Fishers

Brian Joseph Davis

Eddie Def

Thomas Dimuzio

Steve Dirkx

Divide and Kreate

The Droplift Project


DJ Earlybird

DJ Earworm

Ellipse Elkshow

Escape Mechanism

The Evolution Control Committee


Omer Fast

Steve Fisk

John Fleetham

DJ Food

Jason Forrest (Donna Summer)


DJ Foundation

Joe Frawley

The Freelance Hellraiser

Jason Freeman


Freddy Fresh



Girl Talk


Go Home Productions

Dickie Goodman

Grateful For The Dead

Greater Than One

Alex H

Steev Hise

I Cut People


Idiom Creak


Don Joyce

Junkshop Coyote

Douglas Kahn

Hugo Keesing

Kid Koala

The Kleptones

Laso Halo

Lecture on Nothing


Listen With Sarah

DJ Lobsterdust

Tim Maloney (Naked Rabbit)

Christian Marclay

DJ Marvel

The Piss

Mr. Meridies

Matt Mikas

David Morneau

National Cynical Network


DJ Nikoless

Wes Nisker


Nubile G and the Spurious Whiz

Owen O'toole

Oh Astro

Orchid Spangiafora

Bob Ostertag


Party Ben

People Like Us


Ergo Phizmiz

Public Works

DJ Qbert

DJ Quest


The Real Tuesday Weld (The Clerkenwell Kid)


The Reborn Identity


DJ Riko

Tom Roe

Ruckus Roboticus

RX Music

Kelly Patrick Ryan

Alyce Santoro

Savage Ohms


Janek Schaefer

John Schnall

Jeffrey Sconce

Secret Mommy


Social Security




Speaker Freaker

Ed Special

Natasha Spencer


The Square Root Of Evil

Stark Effect


Episode 156, Some Assembly Required

Episode 156, Some Assembly Required

01 B'O'K - “Polite Means, True Colours, And Hype”
02 Girl Talk - “The Feeling”
03 Jeffrey Sconce - “Electric Cotten Candy Feels So Good”
04 Dean Gray - “Dr. Who on Holiday”
05 The Bran Flakes - “Trash Can Fun”
06 Mr. Dibbs - “Gritfest”
07 The Tape-beatles - “A hard hand to hold”
08 RIAA - “Smells Like That Wild Thing”
09 Grandmixer DST and Herbie Hancock – “Rockit (live)”
10 Splatt - “The tao of junk”
11 DJ Jay-R - “Supercent”
12 Jason Forrest - “Skyrocket Saturday”
13 Wayne Butane – “Backwash (segment)”
14 The Timelords - ”Doctorin' The Tardis”

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Friday, January 01, 2010

SAR Q&A x 2009

Happy New Year!

There were over thirty artist features uploaded this year (2009). The list follows, with links to each and every one. Enjoy...

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson

Ruth Anderson


Cagey House


the Cranial Fishers

Eddie Def

DJ Earworm

Ellipse Elkshow


Greater Than One

Alex H

Don Joyce

The Kleptones

Laso Halo

David Morneau

People Like Us

The Real Tuesday Weld (The Clerkenwell Kid)

The Reborn Identity

Ruckus Roboticus

Alyce Santoro



Speaker Freaker

Ed Special

Stock, Hausen & Walkman

Philip Strong

Surface Noise

DJ T-Rock

Think Tank

Thousand Void Crush

Ursula 1000

Aaron Valdez


Wake Up And Listen

Want more?
There have been over 150 of these online features posted at this point, and they're all linked to from the bottom of the SAR Interview Page, where you'll also find a list of all the radio interviews we've done with SAR artists over the years (ALL of which are now available to listen to online)...

Check it out HERE.