Sunday, April 25, 2010

April 25, 2010

April 25, 2010

This week's episode represents the first really big taste of our upcoming CD compilation! Check out Episode 254 HERE.

To mark the occasion of the show's 10th Anniversary, in 2009, Some Assembly Required and teamed up to invite sound collage artists from around the world to submit fifty-second tracks composed of at least 50% post consumer material. The upcoming album, titled "50/50", has been taking a bit longer than expected, but rest assured, a final push is under way, and the release is coming very soon. In the meantime, check out some of what I think are the standouts, in this week's episode (#254).

Since about twenty of this week's tracks are less than a minute long, there are an unusually large number of artists featured this time around. The list of artists who have previously responded to the SAR Q&A is therefor a bit longer as well...

There are over 150 of these online artist features at the Some Assembly Required website HERE, but for now, check out these twenty one...

SAR Q&A with A plus D

SAR Q&A with B'O'K

SAR Q&A with dj BC

SAR Q&A with Beatrix*JAR

SAR Q&A with The Beige Channel

SAR Q&A with Ros Bobos

SAR Q&A with The Bran Flakes

SAR Q&A with Cassetteboy

SAR Q&A with The Coherent Encoherence

SAR Q&A with Joe Frawley

SAR Q&A with I Cut People

SAR Q&A with Idiom Creak

SAR Q&A with DJ Lobsterdust

SAR Q&A with Orchid Spangiafora

SAR Q&A with Osymyso

SAR Q&A with Realistic

SAR Q&A with Alyce Santoro

SAR Q&A with Jeffrey Sconce

SAR Q&A with Silica-Gel

SAR Q&A with stAllio! (Animals Within Animals)

SAR Q&A with DJ Zebra

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson


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Great news! Thanks for the play this week too!

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