Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009

July 18, 2009

This week's program (Episode #147) will be posted ala carte, as we've previously run the SAR Q&A with The Freelance Hellraiser, our featured artist this week. So, I decided to put together a list of all the interviews and Q&A's we've done with Mashup artists, and was surprised at how long the list was. There are still more I'd like to do, but this is a rather comprehensive list, for the time being...

There are over two dozen Q&A's and two phone interviews linked to below. Enjoy...

A plus D
Alex H
dj BC
DJ Cal
Divide & Kreate
DJ Earlybird
DJ Earworm
The Freelance Hellraiser
Go Home Productions
DJ Lobsterdust
Party Ben
The Reborn Identity
DJ Riko
The Who Boys
DJ Zebra

Telephone Interviews:
* The Some Assembly Required Interview with The Freelance Hellraiser. Check it out HERE.

* The Some Assembly Required Interview with Go Home Productions. Check it out HERE.

Also, check out two Mashup Mixes I put together in 2004 and 2007:
* Episode 71 (2004)
* Mashups Special (2007)

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson


Blogger Jon Nelson said...

We've done a few Q&A's with artists often associated with Bastard Pop, who I didn't include in the list above. Why is that? Well...

1) I don't really think of Girl Talk or Osymyso as being Mashup artists, specifically.

2) Wax Audio and B'O'K have done some excellent Bastard Pop tracks, but I don't think of them as being strictly Mashup Artists either.

3) Obviously, the Evolution Control Committee have done their share of Mashups as well, but I didn't think to include them, for the simple fact that they've done so much more, in addition to Bastard Pop.

...This business of putting people's work into categories is usually pretty risky... so, I'll just leave this at that. Enjoy at your own risk...

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson

5:20 PM  

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