Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 19, 2008

Feeling a little guilty about the lack of brand new Q&A's the past few weeks, I've decided to post a new one with Gel-Sol, retro-actively. Check it out HERE.

The SAR Q&A with Gel-Sol...

and here's my original post 10/19/08:
This has to be the driest few weeks, to date, with regards to the SAR Q&A. There are two reasons for this and yes, of course, one of them is that I've just released a new record and have had less time to work quite as hard on the show... This will change next quarter, I promise. The other reason, is that there's just no way to guarantee I'll always be able to find a willing interviewee. In retrospect, the fact that we've had a new one nearly every week for over two years has been something just short of a miracle.

New Q&A's depend on a lot of things which are out of my control. First, I have to find an active email address for an artist being featured, any given week. Then my invitation has to avoid the artist's spam filters and actually get read. All this before the challenge of a response is even considered. Then there's the possibility that my spam folder will be the ultimate destination. I usually skim through there about every seven days, for that reason. You'd be surprised what I find in there - not to mention the occasional email which really should have found a home in my in-box...

Anyway, for now enjoy last week's Q&A with DJ Lobsterdust and check out my brand new album HERE. It's my first new studio album of sound collage, since 1998... and what I've been spending all my free time on lately. Next week? Our Q&A with Savage Ohms... Stay tuned.

Thanks for listening,
Jon Nelson


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