Saturday, May 24, 2008

Q&A update

Believe it or not, it's often difficult to get artists to talk about their work. Though, I suppose, if our Q&A were just about the artist's work, it might not be as difficult. While those personal questions might put some folks off, I think they make the features much more interesting. I, for one, am just as interested in people's personal motivations - and those are the details which are very often left out of the Official Bios and Artist Statements.

I tried to make the Q&A as generic as possible, with that in mind, hoping that while some artists will feel compelled to stick to his or her official story, others will flesh it out in a more revealing way. I want to include everybody, of course, however they choose to respond. That's the most important thing. A little background on each artist, regardless of what kind of details they choose to share. Over 100 and counting - so far, so good.

Anyway, the point is I'm not able to bring you a fresh Q&A this week, but you can check out past Q&As with artists we're featuring in this week's episode... For example, Antediluvian Rocking Horse, The Beige Channel, The Bran Flakes, Idiom Creak, Lecture on Nothing and Donna Summer (aka Jason Forrest) have all been featured at the SAR Blog over the past couple of years. Check out our list of previous SAR Q&As at the Interview Page (scroll down to the very bottom of that page), here at the SAR website.

Next week's episode is the long-awaited DOVentertainment interview! I tracked down Charles Watson over a year ago, who agreed to a phone interview and Q&A. Watson is one of the founders of the influential label and one half of the band, Nubile G and The Spurious Whiz. The online feature was posted in March, 2007 - Check it out HERE - and the interview episode has only recently been produced and scheduled. Since we've already posted his Q&A, we won't have a new one next week either, but we will be featuring Q&A's with artists such as Douglas Kahn, Tom Roe and Copycat in June, so stay tuned for that as well. There's lots to look forward to. Until then...

Thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson


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