Saturday, February 23, 2008

Episode 63, Some Assembly Required

Episode 63, Some Assembly Required

01 Double Dee & Steinski - “Lesson One (The Payoff Mix)”
02 DJ Broken Window - “We order our new thang”
03 Double Dee & Steinski - “Lesson Two (The James Brown Mix)
04 DJ Broken Window - “Hair, nails, percolator”
05 Double Dee & Steinski - “Lesson Three (The History of Hiphop)
06 DJ Quest & Live Human - “Fr-fre-fre-fresshhhhhhh!”
07 Cut Chemist - “Lesson Four: The Radio”
08 Wobbly - “Wild Why (track 14)”
09 DJ Shadow - “Lesson Four”
10 DJ Pantshead - “Swingin’ avenue”
11 Cut Chemist - “Lesson Six: The Lecture”
12 Dsico - “Love will freak us”

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Blogger datakid said...

no lesson 5?

4:52 PM  
Blogger Jon Nelson said...

I can't say for sure, but the way I understand it, Cut Chemist's Lesson Four would actually(technically) be Lesson Five, as it was produced a full two years after DJ Shadow's Lesson Four (according to Wikipedia).

The fact that Cut Chemist's follow up for the series was titled Lesson Six would seem to indicate that this is how he sees it, too.

They've since worked together on some live Lessons, including one with Steinski himself, so I doubt either of them are too worried about it.

I got to see Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow perform at First Avenue a couple of weeks ago, by the way - Kid Koala opened, which was just the icing on the cake...

Look for "Sequels and Follow-Ups" at Wikipedia, under the Double Dee and Steinski entry, for more info:

Thanks for listening!

6:59 PM  

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