Wednesday, January 02, 2008

SAR Q&A x 2007

Happy New Year, everyone. It's finally 2008 and I'm excited to create the following year-end list for those of you who may have missed one or two of our features over the past twelve months...

There were over forty new SAR Q&As this past year. Just like last year, the intent was to upload a new artist feature each and every week, and I was pretty good about it in 2007. Below you'll find the list, along with links to each of the respective artist features. Enjoy!
Jon Nelson

A plus D

Jim Allenspach




The Beige Channel

Ros Bobos


DJ Cal

Greg Carr

Daniel Steven Crafts

The Droplift Project

DJ Earlybird

The Evolution Control Committee

Forty One

DJ Foundation

Joe Frawley

The Freelance Hellraiser

Steev Hise

Junkshop Coyote


Tim Maloney

DJ Marvel

Steve McQuillen

Wes Nisker

Nubile G and the Spurious Whiz

Orchid Spangiafora


Ergo Phizmiz


RX Music


Janek Schaefer



Carl Stone

Rob Swift

The Tape-beatles

James Tenney

Jan Turkenburg

Wax Audio

Wax Tailor

Want more?
There were over forty Q&As uploaded in 2006 as well. They're all linked to from the bottom of the SAR Interview page, where you'll also find a list of all the phone interviews we've done with SAR artists over the years (may of which are available to listen to online)...

Check it out HERE.


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