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Ros Bobos

Ros Bobos

Ros Bobos is a Filmmaker and a Poet from the New England area. He is a former drama teacher and a current sound artist. He's composed scores for dance, film and theater, and released two albums of sound collage (1999's "Sonambulations" and "Unchartered Universal Euphoria" in 2006). His films have been shown at The ArtSpace Film/Video Series, The Coolidge Corner Best of Open Screen, The Marblehead Video Film Festival and The One Minute Film Festival.

There's really not a whole lot to be found out about Mr. Bobos on the internet. So, what does the lazy sound collage reviewer do, when he's run out of things to say? Why, he makes a list of the samples he recognizes in the artist's work, of course! I'm going to be a bit more creative (and perhaps even a bit lazier?) and make a list of all the source materials, as identified in the various reviews for his two albums at cdbaby...

On Sonambulations and Unchartered Universal Euphoria, we're treated to a collage of radio broadcasts and humorous media snippets including self-help records, medical lectures and experimental music. Hmmm... ok, so most of the reviews at CD baby, were actually pretty lacking - only when it comes to games of "spot the sample" (which is a good thing).

Sound Projector said "his unsettling tirade of gibberish cannot be denied," which reminded me of a road trip taken with a girlfriend, several years ago, in which much time was killed by reviewing many sound collage records. "Sonambulation" got its turn one evening, as we were driving though the desert. I was tired and had probably reviewed about a dozen albums of sound collage prior. There's something about listening to disordered sound for hours at a time, in any environment, but on this particular occasion, as the sun went down and the horizon stretched out in front of us, I have to say a certain state of mind occurred, thanks entirely to Bobos' unique blend of found sound. It was a practically mystical experience, if mystical experiences can be practical. Is it possible I'd been hypnotized?

Recalling that experience, his response to the SAR Q&A came as no great shock and I'm pleased to be adding just a little bit more information about Ros Bobos to the world wide web. Here's the SAR Q&A with Ros Bobos...

*Name: Ros Bobos

*Are there any additional names used to describe this project: The Snescott Holistic Nucleus

*Do you use a pseudonym? Ros Bobos

*Members: Ros Bobos, Lindsey Larue, Honey Thunder, and Cuntus Drooples… Ros Bobos is a founding pillar in the conglomeration of spiritual mass. There are 3 other members. The fourth was excommunicated.

*Founding Member: Professor Donald C. Snescott who is no longer on this earth wonder walk.

*Tape manipulations, digital deconstructions or turntable creations: All of the above. An ecstatic hodgepodge of multi-media circusry. Whatever is in front of me.

*Another genre descriptor: Non-thinking Expressionism

*Is there a story behind your name? Ros Bobos is a bastardization of Russ Burgess, who is my spiritual mentor. He has performed his ESP/hypnotism show around the USA for over 50 years. I made a documentary about him.

*Location: New Hampshire

*Original Location: Andover, MA

*What is your creative/artistic background: Been involved in theatre my whole life. Taught drama in public schools for 7 years. Filmmaker for 20 years. Performance Poet for 20 years. Sonic Contortionist for 20 years.

*History: 20 Years

*Born: 1971, Lawrence, MA

*Motivations: Strange compulsion to organize or capture strange things into stranger containers.

*Philosophy: I don't know. To see God in a compromised position. To challenge, stimulate, entertain your earwax. Enjoy myself.

*How would you like to be remembered: A good man. A good Father. A good husband. He who wears strange clothing.

*Web address:


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