Saturday, August 12, 2006

Episode 107, Some Assembly Required

Episode 107, Some Assembly Required

01 Negativland – “Escape From Noise”
02 Messer Chups - “Learning To Control Myself”
03 DJ BMC – “Country inferno”
04 Mr. Dibbs – “Judeas Transmission”
05 Big Apple Productions – “Genius At Work”
06 DJ Shadow – “Would You Buy A War From This Man”
07 John Schnall –“Everything's Falling Down”
08 Kid Koala – “Stompin' At Le Savoi”
09 Jeff Sconce – “Joy Sinatra”
10 Lecture On Nothing – “It Means Nothing To You”
11 Myeck Waters - “Another Bible story adventure”
12 Unknown – “Closer to da club (50 inch nails)”
13 Negativland – “Happy Hero: The Remedia Megamix”

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Blogger Loopy C said...

Can't tell you how much I enjoy the show/blog. Between the artists, info, and links, you have supplied me with many an inspiration. Thank you for all your hard work ;-)

2:09 PM  

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