Sunday, April 09, 2006

Some Assembly Required: EASTER special MIX

Enjoy the Some Assembly Required Easter special MIX!

Some Assembly Required: EASTER special MIX

It was time to do another special mix, and Easter is just around the corner, so it was inevitable, I guess, that this DJ Mix would have a theme of religion. Christianity, specifically, as Easter is essentially a Christian holiday, though its celebrated far and wide, by a variety of people, of course.

This is an Easter themed DJ Mix, assembled by a strict agnostic, so you can expect it to be pretty much all over the place, with regards to respecting the religion its focused on. If you're offended by any of this, please remember that if anyone should have a sense of humor, its gotta be the "man upstairs," and I believe that if he were to hear this, he'd have a good laugh. Of course I have no idea if he's even there, or if he'd listen if he was, but... I think you get the idea.

The word Easter, in fact, comes from the name of an ancient goddess, who took the name, in turn, from an ancient word for Spring. So, while Easter is generally considered to be a religious holiday, its origins have more to do with Spring time, from what I understand. After a particularly nasty Minnesota winter (especially right at the very end), Spring is definitely something I feel like celebrating this year. But, I couldn't find a lot of sound collage tracks about Springtime, so I went with the much easier theme of religion. You'll hear an awful lot of cut-ups of preachers, and children's sunday school records this time around. Enjoy!

Here's a list of the sound collage artists in the Some Assembly Required Easter mix, in order:
The Evolution Control Committee – “Don't Miss The Great Snatch” * Escape Mechanism – “Today” * The Bran Flakes – “A Susie Moppet Singtime Sing-A-Long Song” * Lecture On Nothing – “Truckload Of Bibles” * Negativland – “Christianity Is Stupid” * Brian Eno & David Byrne - “Help Me Somebody” * The Tape-Beatles - “The law of repetition” * John Oswald – “Power” * The Bran Flakes – “Let Us Praise Him Children!" * Christian Marclay – “His Master's Voice (Excerpt)" * John Schnall – “God" * People Like Us – “Jesus F Christ” * Splatt - “Freecore for Jon & Pastor Miles” * Escape Mechanism – “No Reason" * Negativland – “I Am God" * The Button – “For the lord" * Laso Halo – “One Jesus” * Hal Wilner – “What A Friend We Have In Jesus Revisited”

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Thanks for listening, and have a happy Easter!
Jon Nelson

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