Sunday, April 23, 2006

Episode 90, Some Assembly Required

Episode 90, Some Assembly Required
featuring an interview with Negativland's Mark Hosler

01 Negativland – “Theme from a big 10-8 place”
02 Negativland – “(debut CD, track 2)”
03 Negativland – “(debut CD, track 7)”
04 Negativland – “Dear Mary”
05 Negativland – “Christianity is stupid”
06 Negativland – “The perfect cut (rooty poops)”
07 Negativland – “The way of it”
08 Negativland – “You must respect copyright”
09 Negativland – “The gun and the Bible”
10 Negativland – “Why is this commercial”
11 Negativland – “Our National Anthem”

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Blogger Jon Nelson said...

I forgot to mention -- for those of you in the Twin Cities area -- Negativland founder Mark Hosler will be in town on May 12th, at the art opening for Negativland's exhbition at Creative Electric Studios. Some Assembly Required is sponsoring the event. Doors for the big opening on May 12th are at 6:30PM...

Creative Electric Studios is located at 2201 NE 2nd Street, in Northeast Minneapolis. Their telephone number is 612 706 7879 and their website is at:

Come down on May 12 to meet Mark Hosler and see some artwork by Negativland. The show's called Negativlandland... See you there!!
Jon Nelson

1:56 PM  
Blogger Chuck Olsen said...

nice interview jon!

2:20 AM  

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