Thursday, February 09, 2006

Some Assembly Required: Valentine's Day special MIX

Enjoy the Some Assembly Required Valentine's Day special MIX...

Some Assembly Required: Valentines Day special MIX

...Happy Valentines Day, from Some Assembly Required
(or not)! I'm not personally celebrating this year; but I don't see any reason to rain on anyone else's parade, so... since it's the middle of February, and the TV told me its time to get romantic for no good reason...
I threw together a little Valentine's Day MIX of tracks by artists you could reasonably expect to hear on Some Assembly Required.

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The Valentines Day mix is fifty-three minutes of pure sound collage - with a definite 'lovey-dovey' theme. This mix won't air on the radio program - I'm right in the middle of a big project and only have the time to throw a mix together for the podcast. So enjoy online or not at all...

Hope y'all are enjoying the podcast, in general - don't let this special valentine's mix distract you from Episode 99, featuring an interview with The Bran Flakes - just scroll down, here at the blog, to find that particular post. Definitely some good stuff there, too. Check it out, and drop me a line - there's contact info at our official website:

Here's a list of the sound collage artists in the Valentine's Day mix, in order:
The Bran Flakes – “Mutual admiration and love” * Dsico – “Love will freak us” * The Doopees – “Love songs (Love is a many razor bladed thing)” * Freelance Hellraiser – “Wonder woman” * Silica-Gel – “I Honestly Love You” * Go Home Productions – “I wanna dance with some Bono” * The Tape-beatles - “Love” * DJ Cal (Calle Hansson) - “Nona Drove All Night” * Escape Mechanism – “Most wonderful” * John Oswald – “Pretender” * Basement Clash – “Magnificent Romeo” * People Like Us – “Nobody loves you” * Tedshred – “Rastars vs. Patsy Cline” * Otis Fodder – “My valentine” * Two Many DJs - “I Was Made For Loving You" * Christian Marclay/G.Muller – “Love Gassoline” * Steinski and Mass Media – “I'm wild about that thing”

Thanks for listening, and have a Happy Valentines Day,
Jon Nelson


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