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January 2, 2006: Podcast Begins

Happy New Year!

Its finally 2006. I think I've been looking forward to starting this podcast even more than I used to look forward to Christmas. In fact I couldn't wait, and on December 21, decided to warm up to podcasting by posting a mix of the tracks I would play on the Some Assembly Required Christmas Special (which aired on Radio K on Christmas Eve).

A fellow DJ at Radio K liked it enough to post a message about it to a website called Boing Boing and the resulting attention just about crashed our original server. This was a good thing though, for two reasons. For one thing, we learned we needed a server with more "bandwidth" (a term only recently added to my vocabulary). So, we've made those changes. Of course, the other reason is that it was great to see so many people downloading the Christmas Special! At last count, the Christmas Mix was downloaded over 7,000 times - about 350 times more downloads than I expected. So, thanks for listening!

And now, to begin the actual podcast... I've been told the best thing to do is post a message to the blog beforehand - getting all the extraneous information out of the way first - so that folks trying to download the podcast on mp3 players don't have to scroll through (relatively) giant posts like this one, while finding the mp3. So I'm going to ramble here a bit before posting a link to the podcast in the very next post.

To reiterate: Some Assembly Required is a weekly audio art show focused on works of appropriation. NEW episodes currently air in syndication on two dozen college, community and public radio stations across the US And Canada. For more information about the show, and who is syndicating, visit the Some Assembly Required website, at:
THE PODCAST is an attempt to archive OLD episodes - I'll be uploading a new (old) episode every Monday, starting today (1/2/06). We're starting with the last episode of the second year in syndication (episode 104) and working our way backward. So next monday, the podcast will be episode 103, and the following Monday, we'll podcast episode 102, and so on. It might be a little confusing, for those of you who subscribed and/or downloaded the trial episode a couple of weeks ago, as the episode we used then was also episode 104. That's what I'm posting today as well. Don't worry - next monday, and every monday afterward, there will be "new" episodes being podcast...

My next blog post will be really short - just the name of the show, a playlist and a link to the podcast for episode 104. Thanks again for being here from the very beginning. As of right now, we have over 200 subscribers to the podcast. That's a pretty good start! Thanks for subscribing. Please let others know about the show, and feel free to get in touch with questions, comments, even constructive criticism. I'm brand new to podcasting and could use good advice, if you're so inclined. There's contact info at the Some Assembly Required website:

Okay. Thats good for now. Podcasting will commence this evening!
Thanks again,
Jon Nelson


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