Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Some Assembly Required: XMAS special MIX

Merry Christmas, from Some Assembly Required!
I couldn't wait to get started on the podcast, so I threw together a little XMAS MIX of the tracks I'm playing here in Minneapolis, on Christmas Eve, and am putting it up as a podcast. Enjoy!

Some Assembly Required: XMAS special MIX

This is about fifty one minutes of pure sound collage, with a definite Christmas theme. Its the only holiday I still get kind of romantic about, so excuse me for being a strict agnostic who still enjoys what is generally considered to be a religious holiday. This is a mix of tracks which I'm playing here in Minneapolis this Saturday (Christmas Eve), on Radio K - and since the ninth quarter of the show was just sent out to syndicating stations, and since I included the XMAS episode in the package, there's a small chance that some of the syndicating stations will also find time to work it into their schedules, as well. But its definitely airing this Saturday (December 24, 2005), here in Minneapolis, on Radio K. You can tune in on the internet, if you're not within range, at - or, if you're in the Twin Cities, just tune in to 770 on the AM dial (or 106.5 FM and/or 100.7 FM if you're within very specific neighborhoods to the South and West of downtown Minneapolis. There's more information at Radio K's website...)

Stay tuned! First thing in January, 2006: We'll be starting our official podcast. The plan all along has been to upload a new (old) episode of Some Assembly Required every week, starting with the last episode of the 2nd year in syndication (episode 104), and work our way backward to episode one, within exactly two years. A major undertaking which, like all large projects, won't happen unless we just start and see if we can get to our destination. I chose January 2006 as the starting point, and we're already listed on iTunes, so stay tuned as I learn how to do this, as we go along. I'll be trying to get the show listed on as many Podcast Directories as possible, and uploading a new (old) episode every week.

In the meantime, enjoy this DJ Mix of Christmas collage - Tape Manipulations, Digital Deconstructions and Turntable Creations ...of the "yule-tide" persuasion. Check it out and drop us a line - there's contact info at our official website:

here's a list of the sound collage artists in the christmas mix, in order:
DJ John – “The Christmas massacre of Charlie Brown" * John Oswald – “White” * Corporal Blossom – “The Christmas song (chestnuts)” * Corporal Blossom - “Little drummer boy” * Escape Mechanism – “Elf song” * Dummy Run – “Jolly holiday” * The Evolution Control Committee - “The Christmas wrong” * No-L – “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” * Cassetteboy - “XFM Christmas cut up” * Diffusion – “dnbchristmas” * Lovecraft Technologies – “Frosty the snowman” * Poj Masta - “Santar Klaws” * Mr. Fab and The RIAA – “Santa's acid hawaiian space disco” * Corporal Blossom – “White Christmas”

Thanks for listening, and Happy Holidays!
Jon Nelson