Saturday, November 26, 2005

November 25, 2005: New post

Tomorrow's a brand new episode, and here's the playlist:

01 Lecture On Nothing – “Get A Job”
02 CCC – “Stand by me”
03 DJ VU – “Strength and wisdom”
04 DJ Ruthless – “Flat Chested”
05 Doug Michael – “Before Sundown”
06 DJ Shadow – “What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)”
07 Twink – “Yippee Skippee”
08 DJ Cal (Calle Hansson) – “Nona Drove All Night”
09 Jukebaritone – “What are you scared of”
10 Public Works – “Mortal mind”
11 Mag Wheels – “Kill noise”
12 Steve Fisk – “Ragged Old Flag”
13 The Bran Flakes – “Poncherello”
14 Negativland – “Bite Back”

I've been working on some new material this past month, as Escape Mechanism. The past four episodes (today's episode included) were produced at once, a month ago, to give me some time to focus on it. I'm barely meeting the deadline as it is, and now I've got to produce a new episode for next week.

...No, I'm not expecting anyone to care, but I can complain anyway, can't I? I do work nearly full time, after all, at a "day job" which happens to be a night job, but it's all the same. Anyway, I guess the point was - in spite of having completed the last four episodes en masse, I'm really quite proud of the mixes, especially in these last two episodes. I hope you're able to check them out. Diversity, being the key. Something I've really been focusing on this year.

Nothing much new to report, except that I'm trying to stay on top of the blog, while really looking into podcasting. You may be surprised to find that the host/producer behind a show like Some Assembly Required is actually something of a techno-phobe, and so while I've been absorbing a lot of data these past few weeks, in the hopes of starting a podcast in the new year, I'm actually reeling at all the information, so much of which is quite tech-specific (meaning: I don't get it).

I'll figure it out. If anyone cares. In the meantime, check out this week's episode, and look forward to a full length interview with Jason Forrest, whose SAR interview has been getting the finishing touch for awhile now. Its set to air soon.

ok. thanks for listening!
Jon Nelson


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