Attention College Radio:

While this genre might receive a reasonable amount of attention at your station, it's not likely that every college station is going to have the resources to devote to a show featuring this type of work. The music featured on Some Assembly Required is often hard to find. Promo copies, which college radio often relies upon, are rarely available. For a show like this to be possible, you'd need a DJ with the passion to have sought out these harder to find records and cds over the course of more than a few years.

Available on a weekly basis, and mailed in small batches on CD-R, each hour long program (actual running time: 53 minutes) is cut into four seamless segments. This arrangement gives the DJ the ability to play each episode from beginning to end, or to stop at one to three points throughout the course of the show to play your own station's IDs and underwriting announcements.

Be among the first to broadcast Some Assembly Required - sure to be a hit with students, culture jammers and smart consumers everywhere - on and off the college campus.

Want to check it out for yourself? Email assembly (at) for more information.

Note: While SAR was retired in 2011, please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to run the show at your station. There are over 260 episodes, each produced with the intent of being able to be re-played for many years to come. email: assembly (at)